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How To Actively Manage Up Your Career

Do you have a plan to build your professional career? Do you even know where to begin? Or what goes into developing a career with relevant skills? And where do you start? An important skill in managing your career is communication! Communicate how your work is adding...

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How To Bridge The Talent Gap

We spoke with Jermaine Malcolm to get the scoop on "How to Bridge the Talent Gap" in the workforce. Jermaine is the Head of Growth Partnerships with New Apprenticeship and a former Digital Marketing Apprentice. Jermaine has been with New Apprenticeship for two and a...

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College Isn’t Enough

Businesses say college isn’t preparing graduates for work: why not, and chiefly, what are burgeoning professionals to do?      NEW sat with current apprentice, Christian Tovar-Vargas, to hear his attraction to the New apprenticeship, as he closes his own...

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