Digital Marketing Bootcamp+  Apprenticeship

With a cohort of peers, apprentices further develop their digital marketing skills and apply what they learn back to their full-time job.

12 Month Overview

week 1-3

Inbound Marketing

Apply basic methods to develop an inbound marketing campaign, identify and create a buyer persona for target audience

week 4-6

Email and Social Media Marketing

Integrating email and social marketing for lead generation and brand awareness

week 7-8

Google analytics

Learn how to analyze digital inbound marketing campaigns and what data is relevant to capture from online traffic sources

week 9-12

Job Preparation

Prepare to land a role and demonstrate presentation skills and expertise in a job interview

week 13


Introduction to Inbound Marketing, HubSpot Marketing Software

week 14


Project management, Buyer Personas, Integrated MarTech Ecosystem

week 17

Digital Analytics

Conversion Tracking, Analytics Reporting, Google Tag Manager, Regular Expressions

week 19

PPC Strategy

Run Google AdWords campaign, Remarketing Strategy, Ad Copy, CRO, Landing Pages

week 23

Content Marketing

Blogging, Copywriting, Lead Generation, SEO, Video Marketing, CTAs, Email, Interactive Content

week 28

Social Media

Paid Social Advertising, Metrics and ROI Measurement Tools, Editorial Calendar, Content Creation

week 29

Strategy 2

Budgeting, Planning, Local Strategy, Mobile Strategy, Strategic Marketing Planning

week 31


Automation Tools, Pardot Software, Customized Sales Funnel, CRMs

week 35

Web Development

WordPress, Basics of HTML, CSS, JS, Responsive Web Design,  Create Personal Website

week 43

Data Science

Database Technologies, Tableau, Data Science Solutions


week 50


Advanced Excel Analysis of Marketing Data, SQL

week 53


Salesforce, Mobile Marketing, Google Shopping, AdWords Scripts, Adobe Creative Suite

5 new ways of learning

We’re bucking the traditional methods of learning and education. We believe learning is continuous. So we’ve embraced some core tenets to ensure your learning experience positions you for long-term success.


To succeed you must be continuously learning. Everything we do is focused on your need to learn.


You’re not reading textbooks. You’ll be taking the skills you learn and applying them directly to mission critical projects.


You’ll have the opportunity to work on and take ownership of pet projects that afford additional opportunity for application of key skills.



You will receive consistent coaching and mentoring from industry experts with focused feedback to help you excel.


Talk is cheap, and what you have written on your resume will only get you so far. We’ll help you showcase your learning to the world for everyone to see.

Meet An Apprentice

Ana Sevilla

Communications and Events Manager at UP Partnership

Geraldo Alvarez

Project Manager | Marketing Automation at LearningCurv

Marissa Hickson

Digital Marketing Specialist at Helen Thompson Media

John Fabian

Digital Coordinator at Brooks

Taylor Armstrong

Performance Marketing Associate at Gartner

Wynton Carter

Jr. Video Production Specialist at Braustin Homes

Diana Paez

Marketing Coordinator | Digital Marketing Specialist at South Texas Renal Care Group

Kyle Brink

Digital Marketing Manager at Maxxess

Tuition & Compensation

COME To a NEW CITy or join remote

The total cost of the apprenticeship is $14K

Most apprentices receive an employer contribution, workforce grant, and/or scholarship of at least $2,000, but even at the full amount, your monthly payments will not exceed monthly payments of $777 over the course of 18 months. Investing your time and resources now will result in accelerating your career.

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