Digital Marketing  Apprenticeship

With a cohort of peers, apprentices further develop their digital marketing skills and apply what they learn back to their full-time job.

Apprenticeship is simultaneous, paid employment with coaching, mentoring, and continual skill development


>>> new is a u.s. Department of labor Registered apprenticeship program

>>> Accepted apprentices complete an 8-week, part-time bootcamp training  

>>> After completing bootcamp, apprentices interview with NEW partners for full-time marketing roles


5 new ways of learning

We’re bucking the traditional methods of learning and education. We believe learning is continuous. So we’ve embraced some core tenets to ensure your learning experience positions you  long-term success.


To succeed you must be continuously learning. Everything we do is focused on your need to learn.


You’re not reading textbooks. You’ll be taking the skills you learn and applying them directly to mission critical projects.


You’ll have the opportunity to work on and take ownership of pet projects that afford additional opportunity for application of key skills.



You will receive consistent coaching and mentoring from industry experts with focused feedback to help you excel.


Talk is cheap, and what you have written on your resume will only get you so far. We’ll help you showcase your learning to the world for everyone to see.

Meet An Apprentice

Ana Sevilla

Communications and Events Manager at UP Partnership

Geraldo Alvarez

Project Manager | Marketing Automation at LearningCurv

Marissa Hickson

Digital Marketing Specialist at Helen Thompson Media

John Fabian

Digital Coordinator at Brooks

Taylor Armstrong

Performance Marketing Associate at Gartner

Wynton Carter

Jr. Video Production Specialist at Braustin Homes

Diana Paez

Marketing Coordinator | Digital Marketing Specialist at South Texas Renal Care Group

Kyle Brink

Digital Marketing Manager at Maxxess

Full-time Apprenticeship Roles

COME To a NEW CITy or join remote. Whatever you decide tuition is covered by our partner employers.

Now is the time to invest in yourself and your future. The expert instruction, coaching and mentoring helps our apprentices accelerate their careers to become future leaders in tech.

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