Apprentice Case Studies

Apprentice Impact

Check out our video on Nelson’s growth story, apprentice to Director of Marketing at NSR Holdings. 



See how a leading San Antonio agency, Pear Analytics has benefitted from hiring two apprentices to build their paid search department and cultivate PPC talent.

Skill Sets Learned

Check out our video on Casey’s growth story and what skills she has learned in her apprenticeship.

Creating Pathways

Learn more about Paul’s journey from a retired Army Captain to Apprentice.

Apprentice Testimonials

Carla Sinfron

Marketing Operations Specialist

When I heard about NEW I knew right away this was the path for me in accelerating my marketing career. Already I’ve learned marketing automation tools and web analytics. The best part though is the community of learning and other apprentices who support each other’s learning goals.”

Ann Eze

Tech Process Associate at Infosys

I received and accepted a job offer from Infosys. This could not have happened without NEW taking the time from your busy schedule to follow up on my specific situation. The bootcamp and apprenticeship have changed my life for the better. So rather than just say thank you to you, I will also demonstrate my appreciation by working hard to excel in the apprenticeship program, as well as utilize the opportunity to the best of my ability. Thank you for your commitment, assistance, and support. My gratitude for your contribution to my future success is immeasurable.”

William Gex

Tech Process Associate at Infosys

“The most rewarding thing so far is the one I least expected. The focus that NEW puts on not only technical knowledge but emotional intelligence. The skills I’ve learned on how to properly deal with procrastination and increase my overall productivity and time management will follow me for the rest of my life professional and personal.”

Jacqueline Villagomez

Promotions Coordinator at Educational Media Foundation K-LOVE & Air1 Media Networks

“The mentorship and coaching NEW has is one that you don’t always find. Everyone and I truly mean everyone on the team is always so eager to help and with joyful hearts. Their passion and highly qualified expertise reflect on the program.”

A.J Ellis

Business Analyst at Argo Group

“I came to NEW looking for a career change. They delivered. They gave me the tools, the instruction, and the opportunities I needed in order to learn a new craft. The apprenticeship model that they have developed is powerful, effective, and (most of all) it just makes sense. It’s a lot of work, but it’s also pretty fun. I’ve learned so much during my apprenticeship that it’s hard to hard to pick a few good points. Nearly everything that I’ve learned has found direct application in my current workplace. 10/10, would apprentice again.”

Christian Tovar

Marketing Coordinator at Stirista

“NEW provides you with the skills, both hard and soft, to get you into the tech industry— whether that’s digital marketing, data analytics, or IT. If NEW recruits you, they got you covered, with everything: the technical skills to help get you through that pile of resumes with employers, and the soft skills, so that you can ace the interview, get yourself a job, and, even better, they go a step further, giving you the professional guidance to be an all-star! They have a proven system for success. And, I mean, I’m here as a person who literally had no digital marketing experience, now working for a marketing agency: I just trusted the system— ‘hashtag, trust-the-process.”

Brent Derry

Marketing Automation Coordinator at BNI Global

“NEW is one of the best decisions that you can make. The program offers the opportunity to grow rapidly in your professional life and, probably more importantly, in your character. NEW has inspired me to be a sponge of information. You’ll be motivated to be the absolute best in your career. The instructors you interact with are incredible. Many companies pay hundreds of dollars an hour for a consultation from a seasoned marketer, while we get to interact with some of the greatest minds in marketing many times a week. I’m becoming increasingly convinced that if you want to accelerate your career, this is the best way to do it. NEW has changed the trajectory of my career in the best way possible. If you’re willing to work hard and be stretched, I highly recommend the program!

Kallie Koumalats

Digital Marketing Specialist at Education Service Center Region 13

New Apprenticeship was such a helpful program that empowered me to switch careers. I loved learning from the knowledgeable instructors and putting to use at work what I learned in class. I highly recommend it to further your skills!”

Sam Mills

Reputation Analyst at CalTex

“NEW is a wonderful year-long apprenticeship program that is dedicated to training post-college graduates to become the best digital marketers in the country. The program consists of training sessions with hands-on learning and application, mentorship, and one-on-one coaching sessions. The program is built upon the idea of building a quality resume that every employer is looking for in a marketing professional. At the end of the apprenticeship, I will have earned numerous industry-specific certifications. Brad, the CEO, is an amazing professional and mentor that is dedicated to helping the apprentices grow in the marketing career field. The apprenticeship program also consists of working full-time for an employer while implementing the digital marketing strategies learned during the sessions. Overall, the sessions have been helpful, insightful, and challenging. This program is a must for marketing majors after graduation.”

Jason Bryant

Freelance Creative Director

“To be transparent, it’s not for everyone. Taking several years of experience (certifications, coaching, etc) and fitting them into a 12-month apprenticeship is no easy feat. At times, it’s going to be uncomfortable. You will be pushed past your perceived limitations but trust me, it is worth it. I consider my time at NEW, a year of tilling, sowing, and fertilizing. With their apprenticeship model, they prepared me for the harvest ahead of my career. Moreover, if I had to do it all again, I would with no hesitations.”

Amantha Hons

Digital Analyst & Project Manager at RCCO

“My time with NEW Apprenticeship was such a great kickstart to my career! I got to dive into so many topics within my industry with hands-on projects and got to work with many industry experts as teachers/mentors. I’m still using the skills I learned from my apprenticeship today in my current career, especially the insights I gained from the personalized career coaching I received.”

Jerry Cantu

Marketing Manager at San Antonio Sports

“I’m so thankful and appreciative to have been a part of New Apprenticeship. I had the pleasure of meeting and working with remarkable professionals in the industry who helped me understand the key fundamentals of inbound marketing. The program manager provided me with great resources and the instructor was first-rate, always willing to help and answer any questions. Thanks to the program, I was able to receive my Google Analytics and HubSpot certifications and make valuable friendships. Soon after completing the bootcamp program, I was hired as the marketing manager for a local non-profit.”

Casey Lizaso

Digital Media Manger at Effective Spend

“The apprenticeship stuck out to me. This was not an internship, not a masters, or just a full-time job. This is very different from traditional school. NEW was a really good opportunity to get hands-on experience and learn at the same time while having a full-time job. That to me stood out the most.”

Paul Parker

“If there is someone in the military that has a passion for marketing and advertising then I would say absolutely come check it out. I am a seven-year Army veteran recently transitioning out of the military to follow my passion in digital marketing.”

Partner Testimonials

Emily Price

“Our apprentice is exceptional, and if I had the resources to clone her, I would. I think NEW is helping her to work smarter and more thoughtfully, which is so great in an employee and coworker.”

Jen Bland

“I think it’s a great program to get an affordable and teachable employee into beginner roles and let that employee grow into a real team player with your company.”

Devyn Harger

“Our apprentice is constantly learning new skills that not only benefit her career growth but our growth as a company.”

Connie Gonzalez

“Great overall structure, curriculum, engagement, and regular check-ins! Ongoing education is extremely important, and the partnership worked well.”

Karen & Tom Poenisch

“Program provides a full immersion for the student and employer. Our apprentice has had access to so many tools and areas of expertise. The volume of technology information and statistics is great.”

Lizardo Buleje

“Excellent program. Great apprentices. Excellent support. NEW really cares about employers.”

Cale Johnson

“Well organized, really good training, high-quality talent that comes out of the program.”

Larry Hayden

“I think this is a very valuable program for both the apprentice as well as the company they are engaged with.”

Shannon Andersson

“We’ve been happy with the quality of talent and performance coming from our NEW apprentices.”

Karl Davitt

“From what I’ve seen NEW drives a very positive impact for those involved. Our apprentice seems to be learning a lot through the program that she’s been applying to her work here at Effective Spend.

When I was at a recent NEW graduation supporting a co-worker I heard from others who’d finished their time at NEW and it sounds like it provided very practical knowledge that’s helping them either in their roles or have more marketable skills for future roles. Recently I also interviewed someone from this cohort and was impressed with them as they stood out compared to others we interviewed.”

Alex Faust

“Our apprentice had been a great guy to work with – the learning he gets outside of the office translates directly to what we do internally – and you guys help a lot as far as the coaching and accountability which I personally need to get better at”

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