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Apprentice Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of the program?

All New Apprenticeship Pre-Employment Bootcamp and Apprenticeship Programs are brought to you at no cost by our grant partners including, but not limited to, the Department of Labor, Workforce Boards, and employer partners. By entering the program, you acknowledge and agree to complete and submit documentation and comply with the requirements for eligibility.

What is the enrollment process?

First, you will submit your application and tech skills assessment. If you meet program requirements, you will then complete a short project/introductory course to demonstrate basic skills related to the program. You will then interview with our admissions team and lastly, accept the offer to enter the program!

After my admissions interview, how long until I receive a decision?

Typically you will receive your decision in 1-3 business days, however, some instances may require additional review.

What is the timeline for program application review?

Currently, applications are being reviewed as new apprenticeship opportunities are confirmed by employers. If your application matches the requirements established by our partners, we will reach out to you directly for information on how to proceed.

Do I need to pay for certifications during the program?

All Apprentices who choose to pursue certifications during the 12-month apprenticeship can do so at no cost for the first exam. If do not pass and wish to retake an exam during the 12-month apprenticeship, please note that NEW will contribute $50 for any the first retake. Any additional test costs will be the responsibility of the apprentice.

Pre-employment bootcamp participants (Learners) will be provided course material to prepare for certifications at no cost as part of the program, however, NEW will not provide exam vouchers or financial contribution towards exam fees, except for in the cases below:

  • Participants in the ITSN bootcamp have the option to take the ServiceNow Certified Systems Administrator (CSA) exam at no cost during bootcamp if they meet certain outlined criteria. In addition, NEW will also contribute $50 one additional retake of the CSA.
  • Pre-employment bootcamp participants (Learners) that have received grant funding will receive financial contribution to cover full certification cost of the initial test, as well as $50 towards only the first retake, (if necessary).
Will I get paid during bootcamp or pre-employment training?

No, you will not start earning a salary until you begin your role at a NEW employer partner. This occurs only after successfully interviewing for an open apprenticeship role.

I’m advanced. Can I skip bootcamp or pre-employment training?

At this time, applicants generally must complete at least some training regardless of skill level. Additionally, advanced applicants will be required to update their resume and receive job coaching prior to interviewing with an employer partner. 

When do I start a job?

Your start date will be negotiated directly with our employer partner after a successful interview.

Do I have to be located in the U.S. to participate in the program?

Yes, you must be authorized to work in the United States.

When do I interview for the job role?

Typically, you will interview immediately following the completion of bootcamp or pre-employment training. In some instances and at the discretion of our Employer Partners, you may interview for and start a job prior to training.

What happens after the 12-month apprenticeship?

After the apprenticeship, you simply continue working in your role without the status of “Apprentice,” and can continue working toward promotions and advancing your career in tech.


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