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Increasingly, veterans and transitioning service members are finding their best career prospects are in tech. Although veterans have the soft skills and experience to be successful in these roles, they often find it challenging to land these jobs without hands-on experience and credentials. This is where NEW can help. As a US Deptartment of Labor Registered Apprenticeship, NEW is a turnkey, 15-month program that provides:


Zero out-of-pocket costs. Tuition will be paid directly by your employer as a compensation benefit.

Program Benefits

  • Provides training and career coaching, mentoring, rapid high-demand tech skills.

NEW Tech Apprenticeships

As a Federally Registered Apprenticeship by the United States Department of Labor, NEW is a national “earn and learn” training model that combines work-based learning with related, hands-on instruction using the highest industry standards. When you complete a Registered Apprenticeship you can take your certification anywhere in the U.S. 


Should I Apply to NEW?

  • Do you learn better from a book or by doing?
  • Are you willing to commit about 10-15 hours a week – on top of a full-time job – to fast-track your skills development?
  • Do you value coaching and mentorship in addition to technical skills?
  • Are you willing to work hard, individually and as a team, to create best-in-class projects & campaigns?


  • Currently NEW is pending approval from the Dept of Veterans Affairs. Until that approval, Benefits cannot be used for this program. However, tuition is still no-cost to you. 


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