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Join a small group of apprentices on an accelerated career journey, as you gain full-time experience | learn and grow on your way to becoming a leader in tech

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 apprenticeship overview

Apply for the Program

Take 10-15min to complete our application. Get hands-on experience while completing a short competency project. Finally, you’ll interview with a fellow.

train during bootcamp

Learn skills and get certified in ServiceNow during a 9-week Bootcamp during evenings


Interview directly with a hiring manager to verify the skills you learned in bootcamp for a role at Global Tech Consulting

Start Full-Time

Get hands-on experience while earning a full-time salary plus benefits as a Tech Process Associate

Training, Coaching & Mentoring

Receive coaching, mentoring, and additional development for 12 months

Accelerate & Advance

Learn and grow quickly as you advance in the organization and become a leader in tech

ServiceNow Curriculum Overview




  • 12 Weeks
  • Prior to the apprenticeship starting you will complete a 9 week pre-employment bootcamp to quickly learn skills in ITIL, Agile, and Programming while also receiving expert coaching to prepare you for your interview with our partner company.
  • At the 9 week mark, you will have your final interview with our partner company for your full-time role.
  • At the 10-12 week mark you will start your CSA certification training to prepare you for the exam which you will take at the end of bootcamp if certain prep benchmarks are met
  • ≈6 hours live training + 10-15 hrs additional time per week
  • Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays from 5:30-7:30pm CST
  • Other start days/times may be added as needed


  • ServiceNow
  • Basics of Programming
  • Intro to ITIL
  • Intro to Agile


  • ServiceNow Certified Systems Administrator

Full-time Employment + Apprenticeship


  • 12 Months
  • You will complete a 12 month apprenticeship while also working full-time to gain experience with ServiceNow, the in-demand IT Service Management platform 
  • Build your network by working with our expert instructors, coaches, and other apprentices in ongoing training focused on your professional and technical skills
  • Eligible for up to 30 credit hours towards the completion of Bachelor’s degree in IT (through Southern New Hampshire University)

Learning Paths

  • Cohort Path
    • 2 facilitated sessions (4 hours)/week on Tues/Thurs from 7-9pm EST
  • Self-Starter Path
    • 1 facilitated session w/ 1-3 participants (1 hour)/week scheduled Mon-Fri between 5-8pm EST
  • You can learn more about each learning path in the link below


  • ITIL
  • Advanced ServiceNow
  • Google IT
  • Computer Network Basics
  • Cybersecurity Basics
  • Systems Admin
  • Operating Systems

Certifications + Credits

  • ITIL Certification
  • ServiceNow Certified Implementation Specialist
  • Google IT Certification
  • Up to 30 credit hours towards completion of Bachelor’s degree (through Southern New Hampshire University) 

There are 2 possible learning paths for this program that is determined by the preference of the employer: Cohort Path and Self-Starter Path.


In this role, you will utilize the ServiceNow platform to provide support to consulting and technical teams by contributing to various stages of the software development life cycle. You will assist the team by providing production and maintenance support, conducting root-cause analysis of issues, and ensuring high quality and on-time customer service. You will play a critical role by contributing to the knowledge management process while interfacing with internal teams and driving higher efficiency. This is part of the Tech Process Associate Level II designation.

The primary role you will be prepared for in the Bootcamp is for a ServiceNow Developer.

ServiceNow Developer Job Description — This position will focus on designing and delivering technical solutions that are developed on the ServiceNow platform.


  • Demonstrate an understanding of different SDLC such as Agile Development, Scrum and Waterfall Methodologies
  • Demonstrate proficiency in HTML/CSS, Javascript, JSON, and AngularJS 
  • Demonstrate proficiency in using the ServiceNow platform (“ServiceNow Fundamentals”) 
  • Demonstrate good communication skills and ability to collaborate with the team

Salary Range:

$35k-$40k dependent on education, experience, and employment location. *Associate Degree = $40k, High School Diploma = $35k*

Health benefits
Apprenticeship tuition covered as part of compensation benefit
Opportunity for additional tuition support

Hiring needs will vary based on client needs and position openings. Currently there are openings in:

Dallas, TX

Indianapolis, IN

Hartford, CT

Apprentices willing to relocate upon job offer will be given priority for cohorts.

Program Eligibility

> HTML, CSS and Javascript knowledge
> High school diploma

> Ability to work full-time

in the u.s.

Program eXCLUSions

Our apprenticeship is designed to provide a pathway to a successful tech career where opportunities traditionally do not exist. Therefore, we must insist that all applicants have not yet completed their Bachelor’s degree.

Apprentice Success Story

Ann Eze

Tech Process Associate at Infosys

I received and accepted a job offer from Infosys. This could not have happened without NEW taking the time from your busy schedule to follow up on my specific situation. The bootcamp and apprenticeship have changed my life for the better. So rather than just say thank you to you, I will also demonstrate my appreciation by working hard to excel in the apprenticeship program, as well as utilize the opportunity to the best of my ability. Thank you for your commitment, assistance, and support. My gratitude for your contribution to my future success is immeasurable.”

Meet the IT ServiceNow Program Manager

Christian Hartley

Christian Hartley

IT ServiceNow Program Manager

Intro to ServiceNow App Development Webinar

Check out our free informational webinar on how you can become a ServiceNow Developer without any prior coding experience. We will discuss the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and how they are used in ServiceNow, as well as build a simple app during the session.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Bootcamp and the Apprenticeship?

The ServiceNow Bootcamp is a 9-week intensive training program designed to prepare apprentices to start their full-time employment. Bootcamp requires 15-20hrs per week of live sessions, training, 1-on-1 coaching, studying and portfolio building to be successful.

The 12-month Apprenticeship starts shortly after Bootcamp ends for all apprentices that accept full-time employment offers. In addition to working as a Tech Process Associate, apprentices spend an additional 10-15hrs per week receiving expert training, coaching, and mentoring to further develop their technical and leadership skills.

Does the ServiceNow Apprenticeship cost anything?

All New Apprenticeship Pre-Apprenticeship and Apprenticeship Programs are brought to you at no cost by our grant partners not limited to the Department of Labor, Workforce Boards, and Employers. By entering the program, you acknowledge and agree to complete and submit documentation and comply with the requirements for eligibility.

Am I guaranteed a job?
No, unfortunately we cannot guarantee a job offer. Though the training has been co-designed with our Partner company specifically to provide the skills necessary to start employment, it is up to our apprentices to effectively learn and demonstrate that knowledge in their portfolio and during the interview process.

However, candidates who meet one or more of the following criteria may be eligible for a second interview or the opportunity for re-training:

  • Exemplary participation: 85% or higher
  • Facilitator/Coach personal recommendation
  • Overall motivation to continue moving forward in the interview process and/or re-training.
What happens if I don't get a job offer after my interview?

If you are unsuccessful in receiving an employment offer after your initial interview, you may be afforded the opportunity to interview again after completing additional training. This may require you to attend additional bootcamp sessions with a future cohort or participate in supplemental trainings. Please note that this decision will be made on a case-by-case basis and we cannot guarantee additional training and/or interviewing opportunities. 

If you are not provided another opportunity to interview, you will not be able to continue the program. You will not have any financial obligation for any training you receive, and we hope that the experience, new skills, portfolio and expanded network help you gain employment elsewhere within the ITSM industry.

Can I join any bootcamp?

You can request to join any Bootcamp, however, cohorts can reach capacity so please indicate your preference and we will try to accommodate accordingly. 

When will my final hiring interview take place?

Typically this will be scheduled with the hiring manager during the last few weeks of the Bootcamp. However, your interview may take place several weeks after bootcamp depending on what location(s) you are applying for and the available openings there. 

When will I start the full-time job?

If given an offer, your start date will be negotiated with the HR team. Typically, it will be within a couple of weeks from your offer. However,  this may vary depending on what location(s) you are applying for and the available openings there. 

What are the job benefits?

You are eligible to participate in the employer’s benefits program, including comprehensive medical and dental plans, life
insurance, long-term disability plan, and paid vacation and holidays. More details are provided with the offer letter

Can I participate in bootcamp while working a full-time job?

Technically yes, however, please know that this will be challenging. Bootcamp is intense learning and requires between 15-20hrs per week to keep pace. Those that are successful in bootcamp while working full-time must be extremely effective at time management, disciplined in their studies and are able to effectively prepare for the impact of those 9 weeks. 

How is this different from an internship?

Apprenticeship is a full-time job + additional time spent training and receiving coaching and mentoring. While the Apprenticeship support is provided for the first 12 months, your employment is as a full-time employee, not as a contractor or temporary intern. 

What is the Maximum cohort size?

Currently our cohort size is a maximum of 18, though it will typically be less than that.

Is relocation assistance provided?

Currently there is no financial relocation assistance provide, so please choose your desired work location(s) accordingly when applying.

When will my cohort start?

You can indicate your desire to join a specific cohort start date, however, by default we will get you setup for the next available cohort.

Available seats are limited, and are typically filled on a first-come basis after our Apprenticeship Agreement is signed, though in some scenarios, specific job location availability may dictate seat priority.

What does an average day on the job look like?

It varies over time. Self-guided learning on LEX. When you are working on a project there are team meetings, addressing assignments, and customer tickets.

Do I need to pay for certifications during the program?

All Apprentices who choose to pursue certifications during the 12-month apprenticeship can do so at no cost for the first exam. If do not pass and wish to retake an exam during the 12-month apprenticeship, please note that NEW will contribute $50 for any the first retake. Any additional test costs will be the responsibility of the apprentice.

Pre-employment bootcamp participants (Learners) will be provided course material to prepare for certifications at no cost as part of the program, however, NEW will not provide exam vouchers or financial contribution towards exam fees, except for in the cases below:

  • Participants in the ITSN bootcamp have the option to take the ServiceNow Certified Systems Administrator (CSA) exam at no cost during bootcamp if they meet certain outlined criteria. In addition, NEW will also contribute $50 one additional retake of the CSA.
  • Pre-employment bootcamp participants (Learners) that have received grant funding will receive financial contribution to cover full certification cost of the initial test, as well as $50 towards only the first retake, (if necessary).
What's the difference between the two learning paths for the Apprenticeship Program?

Cohort Path

Consists of a group of apprentices (about 15) working and learning alongside one another.

  • 2 facilitated sessions (4 hours)/week on Tues/Thurs from 7-9pm EST

Self-Starter Path

A more individualized and guided approach to the apprenticeship program.

  • 1 facilitated session w/ 1-3 participants (1 hour)/week scheduled Mon-Fri between 5-8pm EST

Learn more about each learning path here.

Is there a penalty if I don't complete the apprenticeship?
There is no financial penalty. However, the apprenticeship is tied to the job, so failure to fulfill those requirements may lead to termination of employment.