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Whether you’re brand new to ServiceNow or have several years of experience, we have a ServiceNow career path for you!

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ServiceNow Career Pathways

Embarking on or advancing a career in ServiceNow through our apprenticeship program offers a unique blend of training, support, and real-world experience. ServiceNow, a leading digital workflow company, is at the forefront of transforming the way businesses operate. By starting or continuing your career in ServiceNow with us, you’re not just getting a job; you’re stepping into a realm of endless possibilities where technology meets impact.

Why Choose a Career in ServiceNow?

  • High Demand, High Reward: ServiceNow professionals are in soaring demand across various industries. This demand translates into competitive salaries, job security, and opportunities for growth.
  • Innovate and Impactful: Work at the cutting edge of technology, automating workflows and creating solutions that have a real impact on businesses and their customers.
  • Diverse Career Paths: ServiceNow offers a plethora of roles and specializations, from technical and development roles to project management and consultancy. There’s a place for every skill set and ambition.
  • Continuous Learning: The technology landscape is ever-evolving, and so is ServiceNow. You’ll continually learn and grow, ensuring your skills are always ahead of the curve.

ServiceNow Career Pathways


New to ServiceNow? This is the place for you. Click below to be considered for our no-cost, 8-week bootcamp focused on earning a ServiceNow Certified Systems Administrator certification.



Already familiar with ServiceNow? Have your CSA already? Our Intermediate training, including our 8-week immersive Developer experience, may be the right path for you.


Started your ServiceNow career already but looking to take the next step while accelerating your skills? A ServiceNow Experienced Apprenticeship can help you get there.


Have the experience, knowledge, and traits to be an Architect, but just need the right opportunity and support network to take the leap? A ServiceNow Architect Apprenticeship may be the right path for you

ServiceNow Fundamentals Bootcamp

Take Your First StepStarting a career in ServiceNow starts with becoming a Certified Systems Admin. This foundational certification signals to employers that you have mastered the basics and can confidently perform the requirements of a ServiceNow-based role. 

  • Learning Outcome: ServiceNow Certified Systems Administrator (CSA)
  • Duration: 8-weeks
  • Location: Remote (live video sessions)
  • Schedule: To be announced
  • Commitment: 10-15hrs per week  
  • Cohort size: ~15-20

Advanced ServiceNow Programs


Upcoming Launch Dates:

February 26th  |  March 25th  |  April 22nd

Take the next Step

Gain a competitive advantage against your peers by joining intermediate programming that further specializes and hones your ServiceNow skills. Explore specific products like HRSD, CMDB, and GRC, or join a small team of aspiring developers to build an app from scratch. 

    • Learning Outcome: Custom App Development + Intermediate JavaScript
    • Duration: 8-weeks
    • Location: Remote (live team meetings)
    • Schedule: Daily stand-ups, sprint planning, reviews and retros
    • Commitment: 10-15hrs per week
    • Cohort size: ~10
    • Upcoming Launch Dates: May 2nd
    • Candidate Criteria: CSA-level knowledge + SN Scripting / JavaScript for SN   

    Servicenow Experienced apprenticeships

    Take A Leap Forward

    If you’ve already got your foot in the door with relevant ServiceNow experience, but you need an edge to continue your career climb, a ServiceNow Experienced Apprenticeship is the way. Build specialized knowledge and expertise to exponentially increasing your earning potential! 
    • Experience: 1-4 years in a ServiceNow role
    • Certifications: CSA (1+ additional Mainline cert preferred)
    • Duration: 12-month Apprenticeship
    • Learning Outcome: Multiple industry certifications, US DOL Apprenticeship certification
    • Location: Varies by client (typically remote)
    • Start Date: Upon employment acceptance
    • Salary: $60,000 – $80,000+ DOE
    • Commitment: 40hr workweek + 10hrs outside of working hours

    ServiceNow Architect Apprenticeship


    Level up to greatness

    Expand your strategic, technical and consulting skills as you develop into a ServiceNow Architect. Create and implement custom tech solutions, owning project success. This program is designed for those aiming to excel as certified ServiceNow architects, providing a robust foundation in the nuanced demands of tech consultancy and solution design in a competitive environment.

    • Experience: 5-7 years in progressive ServiceNow Roles
    • Certifications: CSA + CAD and/or 1+ additional mainline ServiceNow certs
    • Duration: 12-month Apprenticeship
    • Learning Outcome: Multiple industry certifications, US DOL Apprenticeship certification
    • Location: Varies by client (typically remote)
    • Start Date: Upon employment acceptance
    • Salary: $70,000 – $100,000+ DOE
    • Commitment: 40hr workweek + 10hrs outside of working hours

    Intro to ServiceNow App Development Webinar

    Check out our free informational webinar on how you can become a ServiceNow Developer without any prior coding experience. We will discuss the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and how they are used in ServiceNow, as well as build a simple app during the session.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What’s the difference between bootcamp, learning programs and the Apprenticeship?

    Our ServiceNow bootcamps and learning programs are intensive training programs designed to prepare apprentices to start their full-time employment, either through foundational knowledge or more advanced, in-app experience. 

    The programs vary in length but typically require 4-12 weeks, dedicating 10-20hrs per week filled with live sessions, training, 1-on-1 coaching, studying and portfolio building.

    The 12-month Apprenticeship starts shortly after full-time employment offer is accepted. In addition to working in the relevant role, apprentices spend an additional 10+ hrs per week receiving expert training, coaching, and mentoring to further develop their technical and leadership skills.

    Does the ServiceNow bootcamp, learning programs or Apprenticeship cost anything?

    All New Apprenticeship programs are brought to you at no cost by our grant partners not limited to the Department of Labor, Workforce Boards, and Employers. By entering the program, you acknowledge and agree to complete and submit documentation and comply with the requirements for eligibility.

    Am I guaranteed a job?

    No, unfortunately we cannot guarantee a job offer. Though the training has been co-designed with our Partner company specifically to provide the skills necessary to start employment, it is up to our apprentices to effectively learn and demonstrate that knowledge in their portfolio and during the interview process.

    What happens if I don't get a job offer after my interview?

    If you are unsuccessful in receiving an employment offer after your initial interview, you may be allowed to interview with other Partners or after completing additional training. Please note that this decision will be made on a case-by-case basis and we cannot guarantee additional training and/or interviewing opportunities. 

    If you are not provided another opportunity to interview, you will not be able to continue the program. You will not have any financial obligation for any training you receive, and we hope that the experience, new skills, portfolio and expanded network help you gain employment elsewhere.

    Can I join any bootcamp or learning program?

    You can request to join any bootcamp or learning program, however, cohorts can reach capacity so please indicate your preference and we will try to accommodate accordingly.

    When will my final hiring interview take place?

    Typically this will be scheduled with the hiring manager during the last few weeks of the Bootcamp. However, your interview may take place several weeks after bootcamp depending on what location(s) you are applying for and the available openings there. 

    When will I start the full-time job?

    If given an offer, your start date will be negotiated with the HR team. Typically, it will be within a couple of weeks from your offer. However,  this may vary depending on what location(s) you are applying for and the available openings there. 

    What are the job benefits?

    You are eligible to participate in the employer’s benefits program, which can vary by partner. Typically they include things like comprehensive medical and dental plans, life insurance, long-term disability plan, and paid vacation and holidays. More details are provided with the offer letter.

    Can I participate in bootcamp or learning programs while working a full-time job?

    Yes, however, please know that this will be challenging. Bootcamp is intense learning and requires between 10-20hrs per week to keep pace. Those that are successful in bootcamp while working full-time must be extremely effective at time management, disciplined in their studies and are able to effectively prepare for the impact during training duration.

    What is the Maximum cohort size?

    It varies by program, however, Bootcamp typically will be 15-20, while programs like the Developer Experience are around 8-10. Specialize product training within ServiceNow, such as HRSD, GRC, and CMDB may be individualized and self-paced based on partner interiew timelines.

    Is relocation assistance provided?

    For roles that require being in-office, typically no financial relocation assistance is provided.

    When will my cohort start?

    You can indicate your desire to join a specific cohort start date, however, by default we will get you setup for the next available cohort.

    Available seats are limited, and are typically filled on a first-come basis after our Apprenticeship Agreement is signed, though in some scenarios, specific job location availability may dictate seat priority.

    Do I need to pay for certifications during the program?

    All Apprentices who choose to pursue certifications during the 12-month apprenticeship can do so at no cost for the first exam. If do not pass and wish to retake an exam during the 12-month apprenticeship, additional fees may apply.

    Is there a penalty if I don't complete a bootcamp, learning program or the apprenticeship?

    There is no financial penalty. However, the apprenticeship is tied to the job, so failure to fulfill those requirements may lead to termination of employment.