Published on: March 23, 2024

A Path of Determination and Growth

In a world where career paths are increasingly non-linear, New Apprenticeship Fellow Tevin Davis has created a path that stands as a testament to resilience and adaptability. His transition from hospitality to a thriving career in technology is not just about a career shift; it’s a story of continuous self-improvement and dedication. 

Tevin’s professional journey began in the hospitality industry, a sector far removed from the technical world he would later embrace. With no prior technical experience, his entry into the tech field was both challenging and ambitious. Recognizing the need for foundational knowledge in this new domain, Tevin took a significant first step: enrolling in a New Apprenticeship (NEW) bootcamp. The bootcamp was more than an educational experience; it was Tevin’s springboard into the tech world. Here, he immersed himself in learning, gaining the skills that would pave his way into a more tech-centric career. The program was rigorous, but Tevin’s commitment never wavered.

Embarking on an IT Apprenticeship with Infosys

Upon completing the NEW bootcamp, Tevin embarked on a 12-month full-time IT apprenticeship with Infosys as a Technical Support Specialist. This apprenticeship marked a significant milestone in his career path. It wasn’t just about applying his new-found skills; it was about evolving into a capable tech professional. At Infosys, Tevin delved into a demanding technical and leadership skill development program, earning certifications such as Google IT Support, ITIL 4, as well as ServiceNow’s Certified Systems Administrator as well as Certified Implementation Specialist…all while working full-time supporting clients at Infosys.  

“Tevin’s dedication and tenacity to accelerate his career embody the values that exemplary apprentices demonstrate as they ascend to become the future leaders of tech,” says Brad Voeller, CEO of New Apprenticeship.

Continuing Growth

Tevin’s journey didn’t end after completing the apprenticeship. Demonstrating remarkable dedication, he continued his education towards a Bachelor’s degree at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), NEW’s higher education partner, all while maintaining his full-time employment at Infosys. This balance of work and study underscored his commitment to continuous learning and professional development, even landing him on the Honor Roll, with even more ambitious goals ahead. Says Tevin on his recent achievement “It’s a testament to hard work, dedication, and the incredible support from professors, peers, and my family. I am grateful for the learning journey and look forward to more achievements and landing on the President’s List!”

Tevin’s career pathway is a narrative of perseverance and growth. Starting in a completely different industry, he showed that with hard work and determination, transitioning to a tech career is achievable. His progress from hospitality to completing a tech bootcamp, and then moving on to an apprenticeship and further education, illustrates a commitment to advancing his skills and qualifications.

Today, Tevin stands as a professional who has not only switched careers but has also continued to build upon his experience and education in meaningful ways. His story inspires those looking to make a similar transition, showing that a tech career is accessible, even for those starting from a different place. As Tevin continues his journey in the tech industry, his story remains a powerful example of how tenacity, continuous learning, and a growth mindset can lead to new and exciting career pathways.