Nelson’s Growth Story


Graduate to Director

Nelson accelerated his career with NEW

Nelson Eisenmann graduated and moved with his wife to Austin, Texas. He aimed to break into the tech scene; however, this proved difficult due to his limited experience and network. When he discovered the New Apprenticeship, he was able to accelerate his professional and personal growth.

Watch his full story below.

“It became a lot less about what can I get out of NEW, and more about, what can I be doing to make this experience great.”

– Nelson Eisenmann, ATX2


As a part of the 12-month apprenticeship, we bring in coaches, instructors, and mentors to guide the apprentices along in their marketing learning and professional development. Apprentices meet twice per week in cohort sessions with either a coach, instructor, or mentor.

These professionals lead the way locally and nationally in their respective industries and key skills areas. Cohort sessions are a workshop format, interactive, and project-based. These professionals give valuable advice and insight to apprentices for them to apply at their digital jobs. Apprentices are also highly encourage to build their networks and meet with coaches, instructors, and mentors outside of session to further their professional realtionships.


Quite simply, apprenticeship is the integration of education and work. The practice of apprenticing is as old as the trades it was designed to serve. In the Middle Ages, passing on a skill to the next generation was both a moral imperative and good business practice. Apprentices learned highly marketable skills and were trained to view their work as a craft, rather than just a job.

Apprenticeship at its core is rooted in the idea of transformational and continuous learning. An apprentice in the 21st century learns an art or trade through hands-on, practical experience with the feedback and support of an expert.

“The value of NEW is not in job placement. The value of NEW is in the experience you gain, the portfolio you build, and the mentors you meet along the way.”

– Brad Voeller


Equally, if not more important than tangible skills, are the intangible skills you will learn. These are the skills that truly embody the apprenticeship mindset. When fully embraced, these skills will allow you to accomplish nearly anything. We’ve synthesized these skills into five pillars.


  1. Determine your Future
    1. The outcome of your learning is up to you. You need to be the only one making it happen.
  2. Take Action Now
    1. Taking initiative, learning from failure, and doing my best to produce results today.
  3. Seek Out the Master
    1. Learn from those with more experience than you.
  4. Give More Than You Get
    1. Ask yourself, ‘How can I create exceptional value here?’
  5. Work with Passion
    1. Love what you do and pour your creativity and energy into it.

Apprenticeship is not for everyone. However, for those who embrace the challenge – growth in a year – they’ll discover new levels of personal and professional achievement.

Consider the following questions before you apply:

  • Do you enjoy continued learning?
  • Are you willing to commit about 15-20 hours a week – on top of a full-time job – to fast-track your skills development?
  • Do you value leadership development in addition to technical skills?
  • Are you willing to work hard, individually and as a team, to create best-in-class marketing campaigns?