Published on: November 30, 2021
cloud computing

Soaring resignation numbers across the United States compound the increasing skills gap and retention challenges currently confronting employers.

The U.S. Labor Department reports that 2.7% of workers across the country left their jobs in April 2021, solidifying the most significant increase in resignations in twenty years.

New Apprenticeship has developed the AWS Cloud Apprenticeship, a new program geared toward supporting employers in sourcing, training, and developing diverse talent for early cloud computing roles. We have designed the apprenticeship specifically to create pathways for underrepresented talent to begin a career in cloud services through apprenticeship. 

The AWS Cloud Apprenticeship has acquired Department of Labor status as an officially recognized apprenticeship occupation. Additionally, NEW is an AWS Authorized Training Partner. With customized curriculum to meet specific employer needs, the new program will address retention and talent sourcing concerns for employers and provide them with a skilled, diverse, and job-ready tech talent pipeline. For AWS clients, this program creates a scalable pool of trained and certified applicants who possess the skill set required to meet the talent need for open Cloud positions.

The AWS Cloud Apprenticeship officially launches February 1, 2022 in Texas and Indiana and will expand to other states throughout 2022. Our team at NEW has historically served 81% of apprentices with backgrounds underrepresented in tech and aims to help advance AWS’s goal to democratize knowledge and open doors to tech careers for everyone regardless of background or social status. NEW is committed to expanding opportunities for individuals who do not possess higher education and supports AWS’s pledge to supply free cloud-based skills training to 29 million people globally by 2025. 

NEW VP of Technology Delante Bess sees this program launch as an effective way for us to serve both employers and tech career-seekers: “AWS is the arguably the largest cloud service provider, and it serves everything from startups to multibillion dollar enterprises, globally. Almost all our partners leverage some feature of AWS, which provides a great opportunity for New Apprenticeship’s leaders to bring in technical support and development for them.” 

Throughout a challenging 9-week bootcamp, apprentices will learn skills such as Linux Bash Shell & Scripting, Python Essentials, and AWS Fundamentals and continue into a 12-month apprenticeship. They will graduate from the program equipped with the skill set necessary to excel and become leaders in their field.

Not only will the program result in a capable talent pool, but will offer a cost-effective answer for recruiting. Bersin by Deloitte estimates that employers spend an average of $4,000 per employee on hiring alone, not to mention the time expenditures on other recruitment tasks. NEW staff undertake much of this responsibility, with systems in place to source federal grants to assist with cost and attract competitive candidates for employers.

If you are interested in supplementing your company’s tech talent with a cost-effective and sustainable solution, contact us to see if this program might suit your needs.