Accelerate Your Lilly Career

Receive coaching, mentoring & in-demand certifications as an additional benefit of your Lilly apprenticeship

Take advantage of world-class resources to upskill, explore your tech passion and quickly breakthrough barriers as part of a US Dept of Labor Registered Apprenticeship


 Someone in your corner to help navigate through any professional barriers

    • Weekly, 1-on-1 calls based on an agenda you set
    • Gain additional perspective as you navigate your career journey

Technical Learning

Broaden and deepen your technical knowledge, learning customized, high-demand skills

    • 1-on-1 or small group sessions led by industry experts
    • Explore your passions faster with complimentary training areas

Community Connections

Expand your network and meet other tech leaders through TechPoint events and resources, including:

    • Professional Development 
    • Access to Alumni Network upon graduation 
    • Community Immersion 


 Level up your professional profile with in-demand certifications

    • 3-5 certifications per track, including: AWS Cloud Practitioner, Google IT Support, ITIL 4, ServiceNow Certified Implementation Specialist, Tableau Specialist and more
    • Receive a US Department of Labor Apprenticeship Certification

The NEW Experience


Schedule weekly video calls from the comfort of your home or office, learning skills specifically designed to help you succeed in your career.


Gain knowledge and insight that will take your peers years to gain by engaging in weekly virtual meetings with professional coaches and expert instructors.

No Risk. High Upside.

NEW’s Apprenticeship can be completed during allocated working hours without requiring additional timespend. Those looking to really get ahead in their careers can invest another 5 hrs per week to gain high-demend certifications.  

Aakhir’s Exerience

Aakhir came to NEW without any tech experience yet quickly excelled by embracing the support and resources provided by the program. 

To hear more, check out her video.

We grow, engineer, and activate tech ecosystems

Tech ecosystems need resources like talent, innovation, companies, capital, community, promotion, research, and policy. Attracting, harnessing, and coordinating these resources is critical for success.

How Indiana’s technology industry found its voice

In 2003, two IT industry organizations — the Indiana Software Association (ISA) and the Indiana Information Technology Association (INITA) — merged to form TechPoint. In 2006, TechPoint became part of the Central Indiana Corporate Partnership (CICP), forming the growth initiative for Indiana’s tech industry, alongside growth initiatives for Indiana’s other key industries. Created in 1999, CICP brings together chief executives of Central Indiana’s prominent corporations, foundations and universities in a strategic and collaborative effort dedicated to the region’s continued prosperity and growth

Learn more about what TechPoint does for the community at techpoint.org

How to Participate


Attend the info session


Complete Program Enrollment


Schedule Time w/ Coach and Facilitators

Meet the Team

Christian Hartley

Christian Hartley

Sr. Program Manager

Malik Laffoon

Malik Laffoon

Talent Program Operations Coordinator

Marisol Camacha

Marisol Camacha

Performance Coach

Allen Linatoc

Allen Linatoc

NEW Facilitator


How long is the program?

The program lasts 18 months.

Does it cost anything?

No, everything is available at no-cost to you as an added compensation benefit, including certification exam costs.

Is learning in person or remote?

All learning is 100% remote, conducted via live video sessions.

What is the minimum weekly time commitment?

You will need to commit 4 hours per week, all of which can be completed within your paid, 40hr work week.

Can I invest additional time into the program?

Yes! We recommend that you invest another 5hrs per week completing modules, preparing for certifications and working on projects that benefit both you and Lilly.

Do I earn any certifications?

Yes! You will receive a United States Department of Labor Apprenticeship certification upon completion of the program, plus additional in-demand industry certifications based on your role.

Can I customize my learning?

The learning sequence and curriculum has been designed in collaboration with Lilly Subject Matter Experts for your specific role. If there are any changes you would like to see, these should be discussed with your supervisor and NEW Coach.

What happens after the program is complete?

You earn a US Department of Labor Apprenticeship certification, demonstrating your competency in a range of technical skills. You also join both New Apprenticeship and TechPoint’s Fellow/Alumni groups.

What if I already have experience in a specific section/topic/module? Can I test-out?

 If you already have familiarity with the topic, that’s great! Your coach and facilitator will challenge you to utilize that knowledge in more advanced applications. The learning sequence and curriculum has been designed in collaboration with Lilly Subject Matter Experts for your specific role, so skipping over specific topics typically is not in your best interest, which is why we do not offer an option to “test-out” of specific topics.   If you feel strongly that you are already an expert in a topic, you can discuss that with your supervisor and NEW Coach, with any subsequent plan specific to your situation.