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Join a small group of apprentices on a 9-week accelerated career training program, as you gain experience-based learning while pushing yourself to become a future leader in tech.

 servicenow bootcamp overview


Complete our application in 10-15min to see if Bootcamp is the right fit for you

train during bootcamp

Learn skills and get certified in ServiceNow during a 9-week Bootcamp during evenings

Job Coaching & Mentoring

Receive job coaching, mentoring and additional development to help you get a competitive edge in the marketplace


Learn and grow quickly as a cohort, building a network for the future

 Bootcamp Details


  • 9 Weeks
  • ≈5 hours live training + 10-15 hrs additional time per week
  • Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays from 5:30-7:30pm CST


  • ServiceNow
  • Basics of Programming
  • Intro to ITIL
  • Intro to Agile


  • ServiceNow Certified Systems Administrator

Meet Naomi

As a member of our first ServiceNow Apprenticeship cohort, Naomi successfully transitioned into the IT field from the restaurant industry in large part due to her characteristic determination. Her coach describes her as a “true problem-solver,” and her passion for continual learning is evident in the work she does.

Naomi’s experience trouble-shooting POS systems, combined with her growing programming skillset has positioned her for success in the first step of her tech career as a Tech Process Associate.

Program eligibility

>>> HTML, CSS and Javascript knowledge (or the ability to learn quickly)


>>> High school diploma


>>> Ability to work full-time in the u.s.


The application Process

Complete Your Application

Take 10-15min to complete our application so we can better understand your desire to work in the Tech Industry.

Complete A competency project

Start getting hands-on experience as you complete a short project to demonstrate your technical skills, ability to problem-solve and communicate

 Upcoming Bootcamp Launch Dates

Monday, July 26th

Monday, August 23rd

Monday, september 20th




What’s the difference between Bootcamp and the Apprenticeship?

The ServiceNow Bootcamp is a 9-week intensive training program designed to prepare apprentices to start their full-time employment. Bootcamp requires 15-20hrs per week of live sessions, training, 1-on-1 coaching, studying and portfolio building to be successful.

For those that apply and are accepted into the the Apprenticeship program, they continue the program for 12 additional months if they accept full-time employment offers. Please note that the requirements for Apprenticeship applicants may be different from that of Bootcamp-only, but if you’d like to apply for the apprenticeship as well you can do so by choosing that option on our application. 

Does the ServiceNow Bootcamp cost anything?

The 9-week IT ServiceNow Bootcamp is a learning investment of $3,000. New Apprenticeship is committed to work with you to have a low to no-cost apprenticeship learning journey. To further that promise, we have partnered with workforce partners so that you can access training grants to reduce or fully cover your financial responsibility.

In order to determine eligibility, you will be required to provide necessary documentation for approval to access the grant funds. If you are not approved for a grant, you have the option to disenroll prior to the start of Bootcamp with no tuition liability, or elect to continue with a $3,000 cost that is associated with Bootcamp.

Why do you need payment information if I am grant funded?

Grant funding is available to reduce the cost of your bootcamp learning experience through New Apprenticeship’s partnership with local Workforce Boards. Each grant has a unique set of requirements to fulfill for qualification and for fulfillment. If the terms of the grant are not fulfilled and the grant is not awarded, there is an option to disenroll for a prorated amount. You may also elect to continue on in your learning journey for a set program fee, which can be paid over time. It is our intent to work with you during this journey so that you fulfill your goal of career success in your field of interest.

Am I guaranteed a job?

No, unfortunately we cannot guarantee any interviews or job offers for participation in the bootcamp. We will try to support your job search through our coaching and local Workforce Board partners. 

Can I join any bootcamp?

You can request to join any Bootcamp, however, cohorts can reach capacity so please apply as soon as possible and we will try to accommodate accordingly. 

Can I participate in bootcamp while working a full-time job?

Technically yes, however, please know that this will be challenging. Bootcamp is intense learning and requires between 15-20hrs per week to keep pace. Those that are successful in bootcamp while working full-time must be extremely effective at time management, disciplined in their studies and are able to effectively prepare for the impact of those 9 weeks. 

What is the Maximum cohort size?

Currently our cohort size is a maximum of 18, though it will typically be less than that

When will my cohort start?

You can indicate your desire to join a specific cohort start date, however, by default we will get you setup for the next available cohort.

Available seats are limited, and are typically filled on a first-come basis after our Apprenticeship Agreement is signed, though in some scenarios, specific job location availability may dictate seat priority.