Digital Marketing

Work Experience + Apprenticeship

Get the experience and support you need to start a career in marketing while getting paid. 

Plus, with a cohort of peers, you’ll further develop your digital marketing skills and apply what you learn back at your full-time job.


New Apprentices can start their career journey through a paid, 8-12 week work experience program with one of our partner companies.

 If your work experience role converts to full-time after the program, you start the 12-month apprenticeship at no cost to you.

If it does not convert to full-time, you have the option to continue with the apprenticeship, paying tuition only when a full-time Marketing job is secured.



Job prep & coaching

Receive free job prep & coaching to prepare you for an interview with a NEW partner company

On-The-Job Experience

Gain valuable hands-on experience working in a  marketing role for 8-12 weeks

Make some money

Earn $15 per hour while working 30 hours per week

Integrated goals

Collaboratively set goals with your manager and performance coach to create a roadmap for success

Convert to full-time

Demonstrate your value to maximize your chance of converting to full-time after the program ends

Start as an apprentice

Work full-time while participating in the 12-month apprenticeship program

Program eligibility

>>> apply and Be accepted into new’s digital marketing apprenticeship


>>> commitment to NEW’s job prep & coaching after acceptance


>>> NOTE: Some roles require specific experience, certifications or grant eligibility. see job description for more details.


For Employers

Increase your diversity and impact. Decrease your costs and recruiting time.



Take a risk-free approach to hiring early career talent with a
Work Experience Apprentice.

Program details


>>> Cost efficent hiring solution

>>> Support in the recruitment process

>>> Leverage a pipeline of diverse and skilled talent

>>> Expert training and coaching to supplement apprentice impact



>>> Provide a valuable learning environment

>>> Participate in quarterly, 1-hour goal planning meetings

>>> Contribute towards apprenticeship tuition for anyone that converts to full-time hires

To determine if a Work Experience Apprentice is right for your business, schedule a call with our Head of Growth Partnerships


Is there any cost to participate?

No, there is no cost to apply or participate. If you are not hired by a partner company for the 8-12wk Work Experience program you can elect to disenroll at no cost, or instead choose to pursue our Bootcamp + Apprenticeship pathway which requires tuition to be paid once full-time work is secured.

If after your Work Experience program you are not converted to full-time, you can elect to disenroll at no cost, or instead choose to pursue our Bootcamp + Apprenticeship pathway which requires tuition to be paid once full-time work is secured.

How much will I get paid for the Work Experience program? What will my salary be if it converts to a full-time Apprenticeship role?

Work Experience pay is $15/hr for 30 hours per week. The experience lasts between 8-12 weeks.

Prior to starting the Work Experience program, you will be notified of the salary range your role converts to full-time. This salary also includes the 12-month Apprenticeship tuition benefit, which has a value of $14,000.

If my Work Experience role converts to full-time, am I required to continue with the Apprenticeship?

Yes. Roles that convert to full-time are part of the Apprenticeship program, which includes an additional 10-15hrs per week of training, coaching, mentoring and support outside of your 40hr work-week. Participation in the Work Experience program presumes your commitment to the Apprenticeship program if you accept a full-time role with the partner company.

How many roles will I get to interview for?

If you complete the necessary NEW Job Prep activities, we will offer to set you up on at least 1 interview. If you do not receive a Work Experience offer but have demonstrated dedication to your preparation and follow-through, we may ask you to interview for other opportunities that align with your interests and skill-set.

Do I choose which role(s) I will interview for?

We will do our best to align your preferences to the available roles. Some roles may require specific skills, certifications or grant eligibility to apply which may prevent you from interviewing. If our available role(s) do not align with your interests, you may elect to disenroll without any further obligation.

What if there are no work experience roles where I live?

Most employers believe there is significant value to being able to work face-to-face with early-career marketers, so unless there are fully remote opportunities available, you will not be able to participate in the work experience program.

You will still be able to participate in the Bootcamp + Apprenticeship option, but please note that you may be liable for tuition costs after receiving a full-time role.