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Ann - IT Apprentice

I received and accepted a job offer from Infosys. This could not have happened without NEW taking the time from your busy schedule to follow up on my specific situation. The bootcamp and apprenticeship have changed my life for the better. So rather than just say thank you to you, I will also demonstrate my appreciation by working hard to excel in the apprenticeship program, as well as utilize the opportunity to the best of my ability. Thank you for your commitment, assistance, and support. My gratitude for your contribution to my future success is immeasurable”

Christian - Digital Marketing Apprentice

“NEW provides you with the skills, both hard and soft, to get you into the tech industry— whether that’s digital marketing, data analytics, or IT. If NEW recruits you, they got you covered, with everything: the technical skills to help get you through that pile of resumes with employers, and the soft skills, so that you can ace the interview, get yourself a job, and, even better, they go a step further, giving you the professional guidance to be an all-star! They have a proven system for success. And, I mean, I’m here as a person who literally had no digital marketing experience, now working for a marketing agency: I just trusted the system— ‘hashtag, trust-the-process.”

Naomi - IT Apprentice

“This time last year, I attended a life-changing zoom meeting hosted by New Apprenticeship. Soon after I applied for their apprenticeship program.

My life has since taken an amazing turn. I’ve been working for the best IT company for six months now.

Sometimes I wake up and still cannot believe my dream has come true.

I’d like to say thank you to everyone. My colleagues, fellow apprentices, mentors… your support and guidance helped me get here today and I will continue pushing forward!”

A.J - Digital Marketing Apprentice

“I came to NEW looking for a career change. They delivered. They gave me the tools, the instruction, and the opportunities I needed in order to learn a new craft. The apprenticeship model that they have developed is powerful, effective, and (most of all) it just makes sense. It’s a lot of work, but it’s also pretty fun. I’ve learned so much during my apprenticeship that it’s hard to hard to pick a few good points. Nearly everything that I’ve learned has found direct application in my current workplace. 10/10, would apprentice again.”

A Snapshot of our impact

We’re bucking the old, broken system and embracing a modern apprenticeship model where continuous learning is combined with real-world experience.


of our apprentices are under-represented in tech


employee retention rate compared to traditional models